2016 Fitness Goals

Not everyone is into goal setting, but it’s something I’ve always¬†liked to do with the start of the year. I’m not as big on New Years Resolutions because I think it’s more important to look at the entire year instead of promising you’re going to change all of your habits¬†overnight. Also, just to note, theseContinue reading “2016 Fitness Goals”

What to Ignore on Your Fitness Journey

Everyone will have an opinion about your life and your journey. While it’s great to get feedback, many people start to think everyone else is “right” and ultimately get off track. The fastest way to success is picking one path and sticking to it for a while before you decide to possibly change what you’reContinue reading “What to Ignore on Your Fitness Journey”

10 Things You Must Accept on Your Journey of Strength

1. You must dedicate yourself to your own journey. For many of you, it will only be you on your path. Sure, it’s nice to have a friend along on your journey, but you can’t rely on other people to guarantee your success. It’s hard to be alone, doing your own things, but understand youContinue reading “10 Things You Must Accept on Your Journey of Strength”

Planning Your Week For Greatness

Intentions are worthless without a plan and follow through. It is one thing to wish for greatness, and it is another to set the plan and make it happen. Some of my biggest mistakes came from a time when I was mentally, emotionally, and physiologically weak. I was easily pushed around and I lived withinContinue reading “Planning Your Week For Greatness”