Planning Your Week For Greatness

Intentions are worthless without a plan and follow through.

It is one thing to wish for greatness, and it is another to set the plan and make it happen.

Some of my biggest mistakes came from a time when I was mentally, emotionally, and physiologically weak. I was easily pushed around and I lived within everyone else’s schedules. You know what I accomplished during those periods of my life? Jack shit. Don’t make the mistake I did.

You can’t accidentally stumble upon greatness. You plan for it. You make it a habit.

Most people aren’t in control of their weeks. They let the people around them dictate their lives and then blame them for the boring, tedious lives they lead.

I am only harsh because I needed to hear this years ago, but no one around to tell me.

99% of our problems are the same ones week after week. The problems around us are so predictable, but we act like they’re not. Minus the big life-changing problems, our boss is the same, our spouse, our friends, etc.

If your boss loads your plate every Monday morning, why are you shocked every single Monday when it happens?

Then most people just throw their dreams and goals away for the whole week because “my stupid boss” “my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend is sick” “I’m too tired for the gym”… The list goes on and on. You know your excuses are bullshit.

If you think your excuses are legitimate, this site isn’t going to help you. Find another site to coddle you. Go read The Secret and visualize your dream body without going to the gym.

We see it all the time. “I want to get in shape but I can’t afford the gym/I have kids/etc.” and they get in their own way before even thinking of how they could get around these problems.

If the president can find the time to exercise during the week, you have no excuse.

Become the master of your time, even if it means you have to shake up the people and the world around you. They won’t like it. Who cares? If there are goals you want, you can’t hesitate.

Greatness requires sacrifice, even for the things that are good.

Eric Thomas always talks about how sometimes you have to give up the good to get to the great.

Sometimes it’s not just about cutting out the bad things, it’s also cutting out the things you really enjoy so you can get something better.

Here are some tips for scheduling in your own greatness:

1. Block time in your week for your three biggest priorities.

My biggest priorities are writing, working out, and my business. These three bring the biggest joy and return on my time. Any week that passes without these three priorities always feels like a wasted week and I usually pay for it down the line.

Schedule them in and make a plan b for when they get sidetracked. If something gets in the way of the time you’re supposed to be at the gym, where can you move it to?

2. Schedule in the next tier of priorities.

This is where you schedule in your clients, work, walking your dog, etc. The things that are important, but if they move around it’s not as big of a deal compared to finishing your big goals. These are also the goals that are for other people. Your own goals must go in first. This is how you maintain control of your own life.

3. The best planning strategy: plan for detours.

I know I already mentioned this in step 1, but it is this important it has to be mentioned twice.

You don’t have to make all new plans, you just have to set a general plan and then make adjustments as you go. Life will always throw new things at you, and you have to stay ahead of the game.

In my current lifting routine, I only need to lift four times a week, with sometimes one extra day of cardio. While I plan to finish them between Monday and Thursday, that is rarely the case but I’m PREPARED for distractions. No matter what I get my four lifts in every week. Some nights have to work all night, but I don’t throw in the towel when the distraction comes. I just lift later that night or the next day.

Stay ruthless. Get it done.

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