Planning Your Week For Greatness

Intentions are worthless without a plan and follow through.

It is one thing to wish for greatness, and it is another to set the plan and make it happen.

Some of my biggest mistakes came from a time when I was mentally, emotionally, and physiologically weak. I was easily pushed around and I lived within everyone else’s schedules. You know what I accomplished during those periods of my life? Jack shit. Don’t make the mistake I did.

You can’t accidentally stumble upon greatness. You plan for it. You make it a habit.

Most people aren’t in control of their weeks. They let the people around them dictate their lives and then blame them for the boring, tedious lives they lead.

I am only harsh because I needed to hear this years ago, but no one around to tell me.

99% of our problems are the same ones week after week. The problems around us are so predictable, but we act like they’re not. Minus the big life-changing problems, our boss is the same, our spouse, our friends, etc.

If your boss loads your plate every Monday morning, why are you shocked every single Monday when it happens?

Then most people just throw their dreams and goals away for the whole week because “my stupid boss” “my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend is sick” “I’m too tired for the gym”… The list goes on and on. You know your excuses are bullshit.

If you think your excuses are legitimate, this site isn’t going to help you. Find another site to coddle you. Go read The Secret and visualize your dream body without going to the gym.

We see it all the time. “I want to get in shape but I can’t afford the gym/I have kids/etc.” and they get in their own way before even thinking of how they could get around these problems.

If the president can find the time to exercise during the week, you have no excuse.

Become the master of your time, even if it means you have to shake up the people and the world around you. They won’t like it. Who cares? If there are goals you want, you can’t hesitate.

Greatness requires sacrifice, even for the things that are good.

Eric Thomas always talks about how sometimes you have to give up the good to get to the great.

Sometimes it’s not just about cutting out the bad things, it’s also cutting out the things you really enjoy so you can get something better.

Here are some tips for scheduling in your own greatness:

1. Block time in your week for your three biggest priorities.

My biggest priorities are writing, working out, and my business. These three bring the biggest joy and return on my time. Any week that passes without these three priorities always feels like a wasted week and I usually pay for it down the line.

Schedule them in and make a plan b for when they get sidetracked. If something gets in the way of the time you’re supposed to be at the gym, where can you move it to?

2. Schedule in the next tier of priorities.

This is where you schedule in your clients, work, walking your dog, etc. The things that are important, but if they move around it’s not as big of a deal compared to finishing your big goals. These are also the goals that are for other people. Your own goals must go in first. This is how you maintain control of your own life.

3. The best planning strategy: plan for detours.

I know I already mentioned this in step 1, but it is this important it has to be mentioned twice.

You don’t have to make all new plans, you just have to set a general plan and then make adjustments as you go. Life will always throw new things at you, and you have to stay ahead of the game.

In my current lifting routine, I only need to lift four times a week, with sometimes one extra day of cardio. While I plan to finish them between Monday and Thursday, that is rarely the case but I’m PREPARED for distractions. No matter what I get my four lifts in every week. Some nights have to work all night, but I don’t throw in the towel when the distraction comes. I just lift later that night or the next day.

Stay ruthless. Get it done.

How To Get What You Want In Life

If you wanted to learn how to play soccer, would you learn from someone who only plays soccer video games?

Sure, they understand the theory. They know how plays should go. They might know a few things about the game. The problem is they don’t actually play soccer.

Lots and lots of people who don’t actually have any experience in a field want to impose all of their ideas into your brain. They think they know something because they read a few articles or watch videos about it.

I got this piece of advice years ago and I am reminded constantly of its truth:

Only take advice from people who have what you want.

Sure, maybe the person with six-pack abs doesn’t know every in and out of physiology, but they definitely know how to get abs. So why are you taking advice from your neighbor who can’t even run around the block?

This kind of crap is all throughout the business and writing industry too. People who are in debt are teaching other people how to generate wealth. People who have never published an article are telling others how to build a writing career.

If you aren’t reaching your goals it’s time to step back and look at who/what you are getting your advice from. Do they actually have what you want? Are you positive they know what they’re talking about?

Only take advice from people who have been in the trenches. Academics are great, and the knowledge they build is important, but if all of their experience is only from books, they don’t know shit.

Why do you think they make doctors do years and years of hands on work before becoming full MD’s? Because even the best book in the world doesn’t beat hands on knowledge.

As you go throughout your week, focus on where your information is coming from. Learn from the ones who have proof. You will reach your goals a hundred times faster if you get rid of the false information.

Get it, warriors.

Life IS Resistance

Modern society teaches us to hide away from anything hard.

We order things online to avoid the long line in the store.
We play on our phones to avoid conversation with the people around us.
We drive across town because walking is apparently too difficult.
We use any kind of substance to avoid life and our own thoughts.

Sure, there are benefits to the advancements of technology, but far too many people don’t use it to create a better life, they use it to escape from life.

I don’t know how we have gotten into the mindset that life should be easy. That life is avoidance of pain.

Life is pain.

In the gym, you need resistance to grow your muscles. As you grow your muscles, you can handle more weight. You get stronger. You can’t start out at the heaviest weight think you can start lifting that right away.

Life is the exact same way although we don’t treat it that way.

The harder things are, the stronger you are becoming in life. The more resistance you are adding to your life, the more you can handle. This is how you create the life you have always dreamed of having.

Running from pain doesn’t make you stronger. In fact it creates the opposite. Life will not give you what you want if you can’t handle the simple things in life. If you can’t manage the money you make now, it won’t give you millions. If you can’t lift the light weights, you won’t ever be able to lift the heavy ones. If you can’t keep a relationship to last past a few months, you absolutely won’t last in a marriage.

Life is all about dominating the small things in life. Handling the small pain and building your resistance as you go.

Once you stop running from pain, you never stop running from pain. Then these are the people who 20 years down the line get divorced because they can’t function as an adult and deal with their problems. The kids, mortgage, car payments, work, and repressed dreams all build up until they simply run.

Rarely do we ever praise the people who hold it together, become stronger, and ultimately chase the path of becoming the best versions of themselves.

If you’re going through something hard, just embrace it.

Accept it.

Understand that staying standing on your two feet and meeting this challenge head on will bring a better life. You’ll be able to handle more. You’ll be able to grow.

Run from it and you will always be weak. You’ll be that adult who is still stuck in their teenage years mentally. Life won’t grant those people anything special, and if it does, they will ruin it immediately.

Be stronger than that. Go through life as a warrior. Welcome pain. Embrace it.

Like the quote goes: When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and politely say, “You hit like a bitch.”

Be PREPARED For The Obstacles

Ah, Monday.

The day most people hate.

Monday should be an exciting day. The day you get back to work at the job you love to do. (If it’s not, something needs to change.) But that’s a post for another day.

Today we’re going to talk about obstacles and the reason you don’t have what you want out of life yet.

The biggest obstacle to any week is getting derailed off the goals that really matter. Not just the ones that everyone else wants you to accomplish, but the big goals, the legendary ones.

Starting Monday, most of us get straight to work on other people’s goals. We check our e-mail and respond to the chaos that has rolled in throughout the weekend.

My inbox currently sits at 126 e-mails. Many of them opportunities, some of them problems, most of them miscellaneous. But none of them are more important than the work I need to do this morning.

Once you get into your inbox, you’ll almost never get out of your inbox. You’ll start thinking about other people and their problems, their demands on your time. Everyone wants your time, but are you giving yourself enough of your own time?

This is what I mean by preparing for the obstacles of the week.

Distractions will come. You already know what 99% of them are! Why are you acting surprised when they come?

Only about 1% of the things that take away our time are true emergencies we didn’t see coming.

Everything else, you can prepare to win.

Oh, you cheated on your diet because you went to that same doughnut shop you seem to stop at every single Wednesday? Yeah. That wasn’t a surprise, you just didn’t plan to beat that obstacle. That’s your own fault.

I was a victim for a long time and would blame all these situations for derailing me off my goals, until I took responsibility and took charge of planning for my known weaknesses.

I knew that if I had the chance to watch a movie instead of going to the gym that I would take it.
I knew that if I had the chance to eat ice cream instead of eating within my meal plan, I would take it.
I knew that if I got into my inbox Monday morning instead of working on my own goals, Monday would somehow disappear to everyone else’s problems.

We encounter the same problems almost every single week. What are you going to do to beat them?

To combat movie watching, I got rid of my TV. I would only allow myself to check my Twitter when I was at the gym doing cardio. I love Twitter, so that was my reward and now that I’m at 84 consecutive nights in the gym, it clearly has worked.

To combat ice cream, I simply don’t fucking buy it. If the temptation isn’t there, I can’t cheat. I planned my meals out. I cooked them in advance. I prepared to win.

To combat my inbox, I only skim my inbox at noon and then only answer the urgent e-mails. Every other email can wait until the evening. I also stopped taking and making calls on Monday morning, because phone calls are always a time waster.

The most important thing on Monday is getting the week started on your terms. Even if you have a 9 to 5, stop being a sissy and get up early to work on something that matters to you.

It is completely my fault if this year doesn’t go the way I want it to. I know my distractions. I know my weaknesses. If I don’t have a plan to beat them, they will win every single time.

I had too many years of throwing my hands in the air and playing the victim card. Never again.

If you have a plan, you don’t even have to think about it. You just follow the fucking plan. Our willpower is limited, so the less decisions you have to make, the better. This is why a plan is essential.

You know what gets you off course. You know what gets you away from the gym. You know what meals you can’t fight a craving against. You know who distracts you the most.

Minus the true life emergencies, it is 100% your fault if you lose the week to something you already saw coming.

No warrior goes into battle without knowing the enemy.

Take a sheet of paper. List your top two priorities in your life.

What do you need to do in those two areas? What would really get you closer to your long-term goals? Write them down.

Now, what obstacles get in the way every single week that take you away from your goals?

List two, no fuck that, five ways you will beat those distractions.

Prepare to win.

Most people hate Monday because it’s spent on everyone else’s terms. Dominate Monday on your terms, and you’ll never hate Monday again.

Plant the Seeds NOW

The only way to enjoy a feast in the future is to plant the seeds now.

The one mistake many of us make is to wait until the future to make our dreams come true.

We push our hopes and dreams to some future “one day” that never comes. Then we look around and wonder why we don’t have the things we want. We don’t have them simply because we never planted the seeds early enough.

You can’t wake up one day and have a fit body after no effort. You have to go to the gym as often as you can, planting the seeds and then tending to them at every opportunity.

You can’t have a writing career without putting pen to paper every single day. Writing even when it hurts, even when it is uncomfortable.

Just realizing this all myself recently, I am starting to plant seeds now that won’t matter for another 5 years at least. That’s a long time out to be planting the seeds daily now, but it will be a hell of a harvest if it all plans out the way I want.

Plant the seeds. Be consistent. Get the life you want.

Write down your 5 year goals. Put them in the present tense. Repeat 3 times daily. STAY FOCUSED.