How To Get What You Want In Life

If you wanted to learn how to play soccer, would you learn from someone who only plays soccer video games?

Sure, they understand the theory. They know how plays should go. They might know a few things about the game. The problem is they don’t actually play soccer.

Lots and lots of people who don’t actually have any experience in a field want to impose all of their ideas into your brain. They think they know something because they read a few articles or watch videos about it.

I got this piece of advice years ago and I am reminded constantly of its truth:

Only take advice from people who have what you want.

Sure, maybe the person with six-pack abs doesn’t know every in and out of physiology, but they definitely know how to get abs. So why are you taking advice from your neighbor who can’t even run around the block?

This kind of crap is all throughout the business and writing industry too. People who are in debt are teaching other people how to generate wealth. People who have never published an article are telling others how to build a writing career.

If you aren’t reaching your goals it’s time to step back and look at who/what you are getting your advice from. Do they actually have what you want? Are you positive they know what they’re talking about?

Only take advice from people who have been in the trenches. Academics are great, and the knowledge they build is important, but if all of their experience is only from books, they don’t know shit.

Why do you think they make doctors do years and years of hands on work before becoming full MD’s? Because even the best book in the world doesn’t beat hands on knowledge.

As you go throughout your week, focus on where your information is coming from. Learn from the ones who have proof. You will reach your goals a hundred times faster if you get rid of the false information.

Get it, warriors.

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