10 Things You Must Accept on Your Journey of Strength

1. You must dedicate yourself to your own journey. For many of you, it will only be you on your path. Sure, it’s nice to have a friend along on your journey, but you can’t rely on other people to guarantee your success. It’s hard to be alone, doing your own things, but understand youContinue reading “10 Things You Must Accept on Your Journey of Strength”

Life IS Resistance

Modern society teaches us to hide away from anything hard. We order things online to avoid the long line in the store. We play on our phones to avoid conversation with the people around us. We drive across town because walking is apparently too difficult. We use any kind of substance to avoid life andContinue reading “Life IS Resistance”

Warrior Wednesday: Make A Decision And Build Your Army

The secret to winning any battle is a well thought-out plan and warriors willing to give battle their all. They must function as a complete unit, and if there is a weak part in the chain, there is a weak part in the¬†whole unit. Accomplishing a huge goal in your life is no different. IfContinue reading “Warrior Wednesday: Make A Decision And Build Your Army”

Warrior Wednesday: Mental and Physical Strength

Isn’t that the best quote? Shout out to Elliott Hulse for the picture. It fits perfectly for Warrior Wednesday. Think about our society today: Some of our most brilliant minds are plagued by physical weakness. A warrior is willing to die for their cause. We see this when it comes to the scientists who won’tContinue reading “Warrior Wednesday: Mental and Physical Strength”

Motivational Mindset Monday: Understanding the Process

No matter what modern-day marketing tries to convince you, fitness is a slow process. Anyone who promises you a six-pack in like two weeks is out of their mind and should get fired from the internet. One of the top questions I receive is, “Why am I not seeing results?” Here’s a rule of thumbContinue reading “Motivational Mindset Monday: Understanding the Process”