Warrior Wednesday: Mental and Physical Strength

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 3.42.11 PM

Isn’t that the best quote? Shout out to Elliott Hulse for the picture.

It fits perfectly for Warrior Wednesday.

Think about our society today: Some of our most brilliant minds are plagued by physical weakness. A warrior is willing to die for their cause. We see this when it comes to the scientists who won’t loudly defend their ideas and instead get bullied by politics or money. Then on the flip side, we see men and women constantly getting into physical fights in bars without much thought to the purpose of their violence. Think: Jersey Shore.

This is the goal of this site: To create a community of people focusing on both physical and mental growth. People who want to become stronger in every aspect. People who want to pursue their full potential. People who want to change the world.


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