Warrior Wednesday: Purging Your Environment

The most important part to starting any new journey, fitness routine, or habit is to purge everything that could sabotage you from your environment.

It’s dramatic, I know.

People whine and say, “But, nooooo I can totally keep the ice cream in the freezer and I swear I won’t eat it.”

But you will. If it’s there, you will. We all do.

When there are temptations, it tests your willpower every single day until it simply wears you down.

It’s a lot harder to have to go to the store to buy your cheat food instead of just go to your fridge and eat it right.

Building your inner warrior is a process you have to take seriously. This site isn’t here to coddle you. If you want someone to tell you that it’s okay to quit every time it gets hard, this site isn’t for you.

Building a better life and a better body requires as much clarity in your mind as you can create.

This requires a cleansing of the body, food, information consumption, and things you own.

Here are some ideas to cleanse your life:


– Donate all of the food that doesn’t support your goals. I am not a fan of just throwing it away, because what a waste, especially if there are people in your community who are struggling. A warrior always looks out for their community. But don’t let that deter you from getting rid of it however you have to. Get it out of your kitchen and home.

– Is there an appliance that is hurting your progress or could make it better? The one appliance I think everyone should have is a juicer. That’s pretty much it. If I had an ice cream maker I would be screwed because that is my weakness. Is there something you own that is ruining your goals because it makes eating “easier”? Donate it to Goodwill or give it to a friend to hold onto until your program is over.

– Get rid of any toxins that slow you down. There are tons of chemicals in our environment that poison our bodies and slow us down. Clean ’em out.


Purging a home can be hard. Some things are so emotional they are hard to get rid of. After just moving, I can tell you that purging is wildly important. It’s always shocking to discover how much stuff you have once you start to clean it out. If it doesn’t enhance your life, or help you pursue a future goal you want, just get rid of it. Nothing is worse than owning too many things that will constantly weigh on our conscience.

– Set a cleaning schedule. It doesn’t matter what kind of schedule, just set one. Having a clean, organized home will bring much more clarity than having stuff everywhere. This is a lesson I am constantly learning. Constantly.

– Get a planner. Seriously. Writing out your goals and your to-do’s is essential to creating peace of mind moving forward in your journey. It doesn’t have to be complicated, even something simple will do such as top three things to accomplish for any given day.


– Are there people in your life who don’t support your goals? Do they constantly bring you down? I have two lessons that I am constantly learning when it comes to the people in my life: 1. Never expect people to live up to your expectations. They will always do their own thing, so don’t expect them to act/do certain things. 2. Don’t try to impress anyone. Letting go of the next to impress people will let you drop a lot of goals that aren’t really for you. Going back to #1, people will also put expectations on you. It’s up to you if you want to follow through with them or if you want to follow your own goals.


Those are some of the best tips I have discovered so far to creating mental clarity. What has helped you purge, declutter, and take control of your environment?

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