Plant the Seeds NOW

The only way to enjoy a feast in the future is to plant the seeds now.

The one mistake many of us make is to wait until the future to make our dreams come true.

We push our hopes and dreams to some future “one day” that never comes. Then we look around and wonder why we don’t have the things we want. We don’t have them simply because we never planted the seeds early enough.

You can’t wake up one day and have a fit body after no effort. You have to go to the gym as often as you can, planting the seeds and then tending to them at every opportunity.

You can’t have a writing career without putting pen to paper every single day. Writing even when it hurts, even when it is uncomfortable.

Just realizing this all myself recently, I am starting to plant seeds now that won’t matter for another 5 years at least. That’s a long time out to be planting the seeds daily now, but it will be a hell of a harvest if it all plans out the way I want.

Plant the seeds. Be consistent. Get the life you want.

Write down your 5 year goals. Put them in the present tense. Repeat 3 times daily. STAY FOCUSED.

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