2016 Fitness Goals

Not everyone is into goal setting, but it’s something I’ve always liked to do with the start of the year. I’m not as big on New Years Resolutions because I think it’s more important to look at the entire year instead of promising you’re going to change all of your habits overnight.

Also, just to note, these are more themes for the year than concrete goals. I don’t have any PR’s I want to hit, goal weights, or timed miles. I just want more of these things in my life overall.

If you want a deeper look into a goal setting and planning routine, Click here.

By setting yearly goals, I can see what I need to accomplish throughout each month to get there.

These are my fitness goals for the year (my business goals and personal goals are in a whole different category), but hopefully putting them in writing will force me to stay accountable. I’ll also be doing either quarterly or monthly updates to make sure I knock all of these out of the park.

1. Increased endurance.

Yes, I know this isn’t a specific goal, but I generally want to increase my cardiovascular endurance so when I’m hiking and swimming all summer I won’t feel like my lungs are dying.

All throughout high school I played lacrosse and after that ended I stopped doing a lot of cardio. I’m honestly not a fan of cardio, but if I want to hold my own all summer, it’s necessary.

2. Only two-hour computer periods.

One of the worst fitness mistakes I make is sitting at this damn computer for far too long. These giant chunks of metal rule so much of our lives now, and every time I do work binges I feel my body start to ache.

Sitting is not good, and I don’t like standing desks either. So, I’m simply going to combat this with walking away from this thing every two hours and doing something else for a few minutes; mainly stretching.

3. Fitness classes

I want to get involved in some kind of competitive environment again. Whether it’s boxing, martial arts, adult lacrosse leagues, or something else, I need to get in an environment where I’m challenged in a new way. I want to sign up for a few things this year and see what I enjoy.

It’s enjoyable to get roughed up as well. No, I don’t mean in a 50 Shades kind of way, I mean in a competitive way. Some of my favorite memories from high school involved pushing girls around in lacrosse.

(Note: Please do not suggest Crossfit. I hold nothing against Crossfit, I just want to do something that doesn’t involve weights because I already spend all kinds of time around weights and in a gym.)

4. Consistency.

If anything, I just want to stay consistent with my fitness this year. No months off, selective cheat meals, marching through all kinds of new programs, consistent content for this blog and my YouTube channel.

Nothing in the world beats being consistent. That’s how everything great in life happens. It’s not flashy, it’s not sexy, but it’s the one thing that separates the people who really want something from the ones who don’t, and I really fucking want it.

I have a huge calendar where I mark off the days I am consistent in all the areas that matter, and all I want is for it to be full of check marks.

5. Go on a vacation and focus on balance.

I just looked at my planners and realized I haven’t been on a vacation where I get to lay on a beach and not give any shits for a solid week in over 11 years. Yes, 11 years. All of my vacations since then have been busy vacations with no actual down time and constant movement.

I just need a break. Whether I schedule one mini vacation every three months or a huge vacation, I am not sure yet, but it will be happening.

Workaholism is a problem I constantly deal with, and I’m going to force myself to actually balance this year, or else I’m going to burn out.

This overall goal/theme includes stretching daily, actually doing physical rehabilitation to fix imbalances, and getting enough sleep.

Hustle is great and I know I can get more done without working 17 hours a day like I have for 5+ years now if I concentrate on the select few things that matter.

That’s it for the year. What are YOUR goals / themes for the year?

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