Warrior Wednesday: Make A Decision And Build Your Army

The secret to winning any battle is a well thought-out plan and warriors willing to give battle their all. They must function as a complete unit, and if there is a weak part in the chain, there is a weak part in the¬†whole unit. Accomplishing a huge goal in your life is no different. IfContinue reading “Warrior Wednesday: Make A Decision And Build Your Army”

A Tribute to Elliott Hulse

November 2013 was the lowest of the low. I had no money, I just went through a ridiculous break up, I was sick, my living situation wasn’t working out, and I was constantly quitting at everything hard. Essentially, I had pretty much nothing left. Rock bottom. Drowning. Whatever you want to call it. I stayedContinue reading “A Tribute to Elliott Hulse”

Warrior Wednesday: Mental and Physical Strength

Isn’t that the best quote? Shout out to Elliott Hulse for the picture. It fits perfectly for Warrior Wednesday. Think about our society today: Some of our most brilliant minds are plagued by physical weakness. A warrior is willing to die for their cause. We see this when it comes to the scientists who won’tContinue reading “Warrior Wednesday: Mental and Physical Strength”

Motivational Mindset Monday: Understanding the Process

No matter what modern-day marketing tries to convince you, fitness is a slow process. Anyone who promises you a six-pack in like two weeks is out of their mind and should get fired from the internet. One of the top questions I receive is, “Why am I not seeing results?” Here’s a rule of thumbContinue reading “Motivational Mindset Monday: Understanding the Process”

Shortcut to Size: The Beginning and the Motivation

Strength is the foundation of everything. Discipline, hard work, sacrifice… All necessary to build a good, honorable life. Anyone who wants a less than legendary life doesn’t have to worry about the essential virtues, but this small community here on this site, we are focused on our lifelong legacy. I have found that when IContinue reading “Shortcut to Size: The Beginning and the Motivation”