Shortcut to Size: The Beginning and the Motivation

Strength is the foundation of everything.

Discipline, hard work, sacrifice… All necessary to build a good, honorable life.

Anyone who wants a less than legendary life doesn’t have to worry about the essential virtues, but this small community here on this site, we are focused on our lifelong legacy.

I have found that when I am physically weak, I am weak in all other areas of my life. Having physical strength also gives me the mental strength to handle the strenuous work I put on my own shoulders.

The world will cater to us if we want a life of ease…

If you want to get a job you hate, complain about your life on Facebook, drink your life away at happy hour, watch TV endlessly, and generally give up on those audacious dreams you have, the world will accommodate you. You will find hundreds of friends who want to join you in suck-ville.

However, if you want to change your life, break out of the box everyone has put you in, start growing stronger, and become a better version of yourself, everyone around you will get uncomfortable. Most people around you will not support it. You shaking it up reminds them about those dreams they quit on, so they will do anything possible to put you back into that box they want you in.

I have been given the gift of hitting rock bottom, being able to start over, and create a new definition for my life and how I fit into that picture.

Also, I just want to take a question and give a huge shout out to my best friend in the entire world who has saved my life through this whole process. Please go give her some love on her blog by clicking: here. I pray for anyone reading this that they can have a friend as good as Katey is to me.

Mentioning Katey, we are both committing the next 12 weeks as an absolute transformation of everything around us. We are going to take the next 12 weeks and roundhouse kick them square in the neck.

Personally, I will be doing the Shortcut to Size program once again. I know, I’ve done it before, but I never finished it out to the very last day.

100% unacceptable. It is a program that has followed me around for quite some time, taunting me that I never finished it.

Now I have a lot on the line and can’t wait to dominate that very last day of this program. I appreciate the support you have all given me on social media and if you want to join me, I’d love to have you guys with me.

You can follow the journey with me on:

What programs have you all been working on? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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