Stop Arguing the Details Instead of DOING THE WORK

Fitness has less to do with the little details and so much more to do with the internal battle you must face every day.

Go to any fitness site/forum/YouTube video and you will see hundreds of comments about people arguing the smallest details that really don’t matter.

(You can read the best article on this from Ramit Sethi: here)

So many people want to sit around and debate the little details… macronutrients, stretching, protein, before and after meals, drop sets, and so on instead of, you know, GOING TO THE GYM.

These people are in every industry. You know my full-time work is as a writer and there are thousands of grammar nerds debating about the Oxford Comma instead of, you know, writing shit and getting published.

You’ll never see J.K. Rowling yelling at someone about grammar because she’s too busy actually accomplishing things, and hopefully swimming in large pools of money… and if she’s not I’m not sure what the point of being a billionaire is.

Until fitness is a habit, the most important part has nothing to do with the fitness or the nutrition but instead the internal war with internal resistance you have inside.

You could have the best fitness program in the whole world, but if the part of you that wants to sit on the couch and watch Mad Men while you soak your arteries in buttered popcorn wins every night then your program doesn’t mean shit.

Fight that battle every single day, and you’ll figure out the other details as you go.

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