What Is Showing Up In The Gym Is Showing Up In Your Life

Before we move on with this post, you need to watch this:

Pretty heavy stuff, huh?

2013 was a terrible year for me. Professionally, I never had a surplus of clients. My bills were trying to kill me. My relationship ended. I never finished all twelve weeks of my training program. Of all the websites I own, only one gained any traction. I got sick a lot. I ate like shit throughout most of the year. I started and stopped countless things that would have made my life better.

And you know who is to blame for all of that?


Sure, it would be easy to point my finger at everything else and make excuses, but I can’t justify any of them.

Hesitating, quitting, being a sissy… It showed up in every area of my life in 2013, especially in the gym.

Being real and taking personal responsibility is incredibly freeing, although it feels shitty in the beginning. Once you take personal responsibility and accept your situation, then you can see where you also have the power to change it.

If you get yourself in a bad situation, you can get yourself out of it, and that is incredibly freeing. I’m also throwing this post out there so I can look back on it when 2015 rolls around and I realize that my life is completely different, and it all started right here, right now.

No magical fairy will ever drop in out of the sky, giving you all of the things you want. You have to get out there and make them happen.

Here’s to dominating the gym and then life in 2014.

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