Shortcut to Size Review: Week 12 Final results (Before and After)

I finally finished Shortcut to Size. (Also, if you want to try this program, you can find it for free here: Shortcut to Size) So let’s just jump right into the results: Weight gain: I gained 14 lbs. Some fat, but mainly muscle. It’s a mass gaining program so this was expected. Arms: Gained 2 inches. Hips:Continue reading “Shortcut to Size Review: Week 12 Final results (Before and After)”

Shortcut to Size: The Beginning and the Motivation

Strength is the foundation of everything. Discipline, hard work, sacrifice… All necessary to build a good, honorable life. Anyone who wants a less than legendary life doesn’t have to worry about the essential virtues, but this small community here on this site, we are focused on our lifelong legacy. I have found that when IContinue reading “Shortcut to Size: The Beginning and the Motivation”

Shortcut to Size: Week 2

Week 2 of Shortcut to Size has been absolutely no joke. Let’s just say this week I have been limping around my house like a grandma… but I won’t lie that I’d do it all again to get the results that I have seen this week! This one is going to be a short updateContinue reading “Shortcut to Size: Week 2”

Shortcut to Size: Week 1

Starting Jim Stoppani’s program, Shortcut to Size, has been the absolute best fitness program I have ever been on. For those of you who don’t know who Jim Stoppani is, let me give you the short summary: He has his doctorate in exercise physiology, and when you finally realize that all the workout ideas youContinue reading “Shortcut to Size: Week 1”