Planning Your Week For Greatness

Intentions are worthless without a plan and follow through. It is one thing to wish for greatness, and it is another to set the plan and make it happen. Some of my biggest mistakes came from a time when I was mentally, emotionally, and physiologically weak. I was easily pushed around and I lived withinContinue reading “Planning Your Week For Greatness”

Changing Your Internal Identity

When it comes to getting fit, most people think that the hardest part is sticking to a routine, eating healthy, and lifting heavy weights. Sure, those are hard. BUT the hardest thing we encounter when it comes to getting fit is battling our own minds. When I worked as a personal trainer, 99% of theContinue reading “Changing Your Internal Identity”

Be PREPARED For The Obstacles

Ah, Monday. The day most people hate. Monday should be an exciting day. The day you get back to work at the job you love to do. (If it’s not, something needs to change.) But that’s a post for another day. Today we’re going to talk about obstacles and the reason you don’t have what you wantContinue reading “Be PREPARED For The Obstacles”

Shortcut to Size Review: Week 12 Final results (Before and After)

I finally finished Shortcut to Size. (Also, if you want to try this program, you can find it for free here: Shortcut to Size) So let’s just jump right into the results: Weight gain: I gained 14 lbs. Some fat, but mainly muscle. It’s a mass gaining program so this was expected. Arms: Gained 2 inches. Hips:Continue reading “Shortcut to Size Review: Week 12 Final results (Before and After)”

Plant the Seeds NOW

The only way to enjoy a feast in the future is to plant the seeds now. The one mistake many of us make is to wait until the future to make our dreams come true. We push our hopes and dreams to some future “one day” that never comes. Then we look around and wonderContinue reading “Plant the Seeds NOW”