The Case for Becoming A Superhero

After seeing Captain America: Civil War, my love for superheroes has grown even more. (Side note: Just so we’re clear I’m Team Cap from now until forever. If you’re interested, you can read these blogs and determine your stance: Team Cap vs. Team Iron Man.) It isn’t even a nerd thing, okay it’s a littleContinue reading “The Case for Becoming A Superhero”

Become Your Own Hero and Save Yourself

Too many people are waiting on someone else to make them happy. They make every excuse in the world to do what’s not important to them. They wander around on Facebook, go out to happy hour at the bar every night, smoke weed, play video games, and do every other thing to avoid the hardContinue reading “Become Your Own Hero and Save Yourself”

Setting Fitness Goals When You Don’t Have A Specific Result

When I was training clients, goal setting was one of the first things we would focus on. Most of my clients had a specific goal in mind: – Lose 20 lbs. – Fit in a size 8 dress – Gain two inches in their arms But what do you do when you don’t have aContinue reading “Setting Fitness Goals When You Don’t Have A Specific Result”