Best Goal Setting Tips to Dominate 2018

2018 is going to be a big year. I’m beyond excited and although I’ve covered goal setting on this blog before, I thought I’d share some of my favorite resources and articles for goal setting so you can get a find the right approach for you.


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Do you have a favorite blog for goal setting? I’d LOVE to read it! Leave a link in the comments!


Setting Fitness Goals When You Don’t Have A Specific Result

When I was training clients, goal setting was one of the first things we would focus on.

Most of my clients had a specific goal in mind:
– Lose 20 lbs.
– Fit in a size 8 dress
– Gain two inches in their arms

But what do you do when you don’t have a specific result?

For many people, when they don’t have a goal, they don’t have a reason to lift. They go in and out of the gym, never really sticking to a program and constantly stuck on a yo-yo diet.

When you don’t have a why, you can’t figure out a how.

I finished Shortcut to Size, kept lifting for awhile, and with 2015 around the corner, I’ve been asking myself what I want to do with my fitness from here.

Going back and watching videos from Elliott Hulse, one of my fitness mentors, I remembered the important point that most of life is in the journey, not the destination.

The most important part is the habit, the action.

The real strength is found in the going to the gym every day. Everything else from there is just refining.

That being said, you still need to find the motivation and purpose in keeping up such a rigorous habit, so having some kind of end goal is important.

Recently, I was talking to a friend about his fitness goals for 2015 and after dancing around the question for an hour, I could tell he wasn’t telling me his real goal.

“Oh, you know, just to feel good. It would be nice to be fit…” all kinds of BS he said in this low voice where I could tell there was no passion behind it.

I started to get mad at him and told him he had to tell me his real goal no matter how embarrassing he thought it was.

“Okay only if you promise not to make fun of me.”
“I promise!”
“……….I want to feel like Captain America.”

I stared at him with a huge smile for about 30 seconds and he snickered back, “You promised! Why are you smiling?”

“Because Black Widow is like my favorite superhero of all time. So believe me when I say I get it.”

Then we geeked out for like 10 minutes and I told him it was easy from here now that he was honest about what he wanted.

The point is, no matter what your goal is, whether it is to feel like a superhero, get hit on, perform better in the bedroom, play with your kids, climb mountains, run a marathon, feel confident at the beach… It’s really important to identify how you want to feel even if you don’t have a specific number goal in mind.

I’ll develop more into goal setting and achievement this year, but before 2015 comes, start to get an ideal vision in your mind of what you want to achieve in your lifetime when it comes to your health and fitness goals.

P.S. Becoming a superhero is a completely reasonable goal. I mean, have you seen how badass Captain America: The Winter Soldier is?