Lessons From The Gym – Why I Train

Today marks the five year anniversary since I started to turn my health around. Five years ago, just before my 21st birthday, I discovered I had an ulcer that was basically trying to kill me. My habits were a mess, and that was the result of that. I hadn’t discovered any of my food allergiesContinue reading “Lessons From The Gym – Why I Train”

What to Ignore on Your Fitness Journey

Everyone will have an opinion about your life and your journey. While it’s great to get feedback, many people start to think everyone else is “right” and ultimately get off track. The fastest way to success is picking one path and sticking to it for a while before you decide to possibly change what you’reContinue reading “What to Ignore on Your Fitness Journey”

Be PREPARED For The Obstacles

Ah, Monday. The day most people hate. Monday¬†should¬†be an exciting day. The day you get back to work at the job you love to do. (If it’s not, something needs to change.) But that’s a post for another day. Today we’re going to talk about obstacles and the reason you don’t have what you wantContinue reading “Be PREPARED For The Obstacles”

What Is Showing Up In The Gym Is Showing Up In Your Life

Before we move on with this post, you need to watch this: Pretty heavy stuff, huh? 2013 was a terrible year for me. Professionally, I never had a surplus of clients. My bills were trying to kill me. My relationship ended. I never finished all twelve weeks of my training program. Of all the websitesContinue reading “What Is Showing Up In The Gym Is Showing Up In Your Life”

Motivation Doesn’t Matter? Of COURSE It Does

Consistency and habits are the building blocks to success. BUT building those traits requires motivation to start. Let me explain: Willpower is a depleting force. The more decisions in your day, the less strength you have for the better decisions. (You can read the fascinating research: here.) Essentially, with each decision you make throughout yourContinue reading “Motivation Doesn’t Matter? Of COURSE It Does”