My Lifting Plan – End of 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 3.03.23 PM
I’m keeping the rest of my plan pretty simple for the rest of 2013.

All the sets will follow the same general drop sets/rest pause similar to Shortcut to Size. The main difference I’ll be adjusting is that I have to include my shoulder rehab into my program and also an extra cardio day.

(Week 1 is 12-15 reps, week 2 is 8-10 reps, week 3 is 6-8 reps and week 4 is 2-4, then start back at the beginning with week 5)

I also decided to split my leg day into two days because I want my little chicken nugget legs to grow.

Noted: My gym doesn’t have a barbell. It’s actually really small. So, this program is accommodating for that. For yourself, feel free to add in barbell exercises where it is appropriate.

Monday – Chest/Triceps/Shoulder rehab
Chest press 3×15
Rope pulldown 3×15
Dumbbell kickbacks 3×15
Shoulder rehab plan

Tuesday: Back/Hamstrings
Lat pulldown 3×15
Bent over rows 3×15
Face-pulls 3×15
Romanian lifts 3×15
Shoulder rehab

Wednesday: Cardio and abs
Shoulder rehab

Thursday: Biceps/shoulders/shoulder rehab
Rope curl 3×15
Bent over dumbbell reverse fly 3×15
Dumbbell front raise 3×15
Hammer curls 3×15
Shoulder rehab

Friday: Quads/abs
Wide-leg squats 3×15
Narrow stance squats 3×15
Dumbbell Step-ups 3×15
Shoulder rehab

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