Be Honest With Your Goals

Being honest with what you want is one of the best choices you could make.

Everyone talks and talks and talks: “I want a sexy body, I want to be rich, I want to own my own business, I want to see the world…” but their actions fail to back up what they say.

Sometimes it’s a case of no time or overwhelm, but sometimes after digging deeper it’s harder to come to terms with the fact that they actually don’t want those goals.

Be TRUTHFUL WITH YOURSELF about what you want.

I’ve put myself in this position far too many times.  Staying in relationships far past their due date, taking jobs I didn’t care for, putting fitness on the back burner… all in an attempt to convince myself that I wanted things I didn’t.

Your body will tell you when you don’t want something. If a goal doesn’t excite you and you don’t want to do the work, maybe you should examine if you really want it at all.

The real truth is that we have a limited time here. Every new year seems to be going by faster and faster. I already spent most of my 25 years on this earth doing things other people wanted me to do and I want to spend however long I have left doing what I want to do.

Greatness is for anyone who wants it.

You just have to decide what you want.

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