The Way to Success: Habits

Women trainers make me want to punch walls. Why do they all talk to their clients like they’re babies? “Feed your spirit.” “Don’t exercise if you don’t feel like it.” “It is important for your mind-body connection.” “Reclaim your SEXY!” “Repeat your mantras every day!” And the number one worst offender is: “Oh, just makeContinue reading “The Way to Success: Habits”

Why You Need to Care About Your Health

You have two options: 1. You can pay attention to your health now 2. Or you can regret not paying attention to it later. “But I have great genetics. My grandparents lived into their 90s.” Yeah, well your grandparents didn’t have delivery pizza, fast food, or any of the other horrific choices out there peopleContinue reading “Why You Need to Care About Your Health”