Why You Need to Care About Your Health

You have two options:

1. You can pay attention to your health now
2. Or you can regret not paying attention to it later.

“But I have great genetics. My grandparents lived into their 90s.” Yeah, well your grandparents didn’t have delivery pizza, fast food, or any of the other horrific choices out there people call nutrition.

Most people don’t care about their health until they have their first brush with death.

When I worked as a personal trainer, I’d have to say at least 99% of my clients came in because they were facing horrible health problems. Blown out knees due to weight, heart attacks, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, couldn’t get pregnant due to their weight… Most which are preventable.

Why do we wait to do this?

In our 20s, we go through college packing on the pounds and as soon as we graduate, we get a job that keeps us busy (and seated) and then pack the weekends with friends/family instead of finding time to go to the gym. Who cares? We’re young and life is about having fun, right? YOLO.

Studies show time and time again that what you do in your 20s sets up the rest of your life. Your money, your career, your relationships, your children, your health… the blueprint is laid in this defining decade.

You just simply need to start.

Which, I understand, isn’t easy. There is a lot of psychology behind starting a new habit, but if you don’t make the choice now, you will be one of those 40-year-old parents who sit on the sidelines of the playground watching your children play because you are far too out of shape to play with them.

I’d estimate about 99% of fitness blogs out there focus on one thing: Getting in shape so you can have “the bikini body”/”the six-pack” type of idea. It doesn’t focus on your actual health. Do you have a good resting heart rate? Could you run to save your life if you had to? Can you pick your children up without risking throwing out your back?

Most people will not die from their horrible health choices in their 20s, but don’t think it ever just “goes away”. You have to face the consequences eventually.

Vanity is great, and I am aware that is the single reason most people in their 20s do exercise, but the bigger goal is:

Build your dream body so you have the strength to build your dream life.

Anyone who is serious about their health knows that the reason is deeper than what they see in the mirror. It’s having the energy at the end of a workday to work on your side business, it is having the energy to take your family out and be able to keep up with them, it is about feeling confident so you have the mentality to go after that dream job. I put in my time at the gym so I won’t have to be hindered later on in life by my poor health choices.

It took me having an ulcer to finally get me on the path to health, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I see friends now who are in their 30s and want children but their bodies won’t do it because they have too much weight on them. I see women who never lifted who end up in wheelchairs at 60 because they don’t have enough muscle to hold up their own body. I see dads die in their 40s from heart attacks and leave a wife and kids behind. This is the state of health in America.

But, I can’t want health for you. You have to want it for yourself.

My goal, and the goal of this site, is to help you get there.

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