Why Everyone Needs to Pursue Strength

With 2015 quickly approaching, everyone is talking about new fitness plans, what they want to do, and setting New Year resolutions.

While I love goal setting, the problem with most fitness goals is that they are completely shallow with no real meaning behind them.

Some of the biggest feats accomplished throughout all of history were on the heels of an emotional cause.

I signed up for the Bodybuilding.com 200K Giveaway challenge. It is basically a body transformation challenge where everyone participating tries to change their body in about 12 weeks. (It’s also free to sign up for anyone interested!)

As I was writing out my plans, thinking up fitness routines and diet strategies, I was thinking about why strength in general is so important.

While most of our society talks about bodies in general, from pushing the “perfect” body image or the acceptance of all shapes and sizes, there is rarely a discussion about the internal strength needed to handle life in general.

Life is always there to knock you around, give you new challenges, and generally beat you up. This is what I mean when I talk about the importance of strength.

My definition of strength is entirely different.

We lack strength in America. Our leaders are weak-minded. School only teaches us to shut up and obey. Everyone is scared for their jobs. No one has time for fun. Breaks consist of substances and couch time with hours of endless Netflix.

The smallest stress breaks their spirit.

I can only be so harsh because I’ve been there. My own weaknesses in my life brought about the worst times. I saw myself as the victim instead of understanding I was simply a coward.

I needed internal strength to leave my last long-term relationship a lot sooner.
I needed internal strength to get better grades.
I needed internal strength to stick with a fitness program.

I didn’t learn about the multiple layers of strength until I read Elliott Hulse’s Four Layers of Strength ebook. (for free on his site!)

Strength. Resiliency. Character. Virtues.

Whatever you choose to call it, it’s important to develop them to their fullest.

I needed strength of mind, body, and spirit.

Compassion without strength makes you gullible.
Empathy without strength makes you weak.
It’s a ying and yang type of thing.

Strength comes in many forms. It comes in resiliency. It comes in having the strength to know you deserve better.

The world needs the strongest YOU that you can be.

So, while you go through and set goals for 2015, don’t forget to throw in some goals that make you a stronger person for your goals, your family, your community, and ultimately the world.

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