’s Signature 100% Whey Protein Powder Birthday Cake Review

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For most of us stuck inside over these past few months, working out has been…. a struggle. Not having our gyms to lift at and weights to throw around has thrown most of us off. One thing that helps motivate me to get it done is something delicious to end my workout with. Most of the protein I was ordering was on backorder for a while now at most stores, so I decided to try a new flavor:’s whey birthday cake flavor (mainly because it’s the top-rated flavor on their site from other reviewers).

Overall review: 9/10

Flavor: 9/10

Mixing: 9/10

Sugar: 8/10

Protein content: 9/10

Flavor and mixing

The first thing I noticed about this protein was how smooth it mixed and the great flavor. It’s the closest I’ve had to an actual cake flavor in a long time from a protein powder. I’m a sucker for sprinkles, so I love that they’re mixed in. Keep in mind, if you blend your protein powder with other ingredients, they’re going to get crushed unless you add it after you’re done blending. You’ll also want to keep mixing it as you drink it because the sprinkles sink to the bottom.

Unlike some other protein powders I’ve used in the past, this one is rarely clumpy or sticking together. It mixes smooth and doesn’t need to be constantly shaken to maintain it’s good flavor. I suspect it’s due to the types of proteins used, which we’ll cover.

The ingredient breakdown has a stellar reputation, and I love that they put right on their site that they don’t use proprietary blends in their protein. For those that don’t know, some brands essentially hide how much protein you’re getting behind the idea that they’re a “proprietary blends”. That’s not even exclusive to protein powders, you can even find such labels on things like multivitamins.

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Key Ingredients:

  • 25g of Protein (13 g from Whey Protein Isolate, 6g from Whey Protein Concentrate, 6 g from Whey Protein Hydrolysate)
  • 2g of Total Fat (1g is Saturated Fat)
  • 3g of Total Carbohydrate (2g of Sugars, 1g of Added Sugar)

The different types of protein:

  • Whey isolate is ideal for low-carb diets since it’s low in fat
  • Whey concentrate has a balance between the major macros (protein, carbs, fats) to give you the energy you need
  • Whey hydrolysate has been broken down into strings of amino acids (peptides) to make digestion even easier

Also included are digestive enzymes which can help you absorb 20% more protein than a drink without them included.

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Serving sizes

The 2 lb. jug gets you about 27 servings – so almost a full month of shakes if you take it daily. If you take two scoops per day, you’ll need two jugs or you can opt for their 6 lb. option.

When to take

The best time to take a protein shake is right after a tough workout, but if you’re not getting enough throughout your day, it can be good to take more when you need it.

For reference, you should be getting about 1 G of protein per lean body pound.

Where to get it

The best place to get this protein is straight from’s website: here.

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