The Best At-Home Workouts for 2020 and My Favorite At-Home Workout Accessories

I don’t think I really need to get into the state of the world at the moment. (P.S. Does anyone know where toilet paper is NOT sold out in Denver? Orrr?)

Either way, for a lot of us, working out is a way to maintain sanity. To get out of our brains and stop the endless news cycle scrolling for just a second. If you have an at-home gym, you don’t need a lot of bodyweight programs out there because you already have the weights to continue on with your regular workouts.

For us gym rats, we now have no access to weights (stupid apartment living and not being able to deadlift above my neighbors), it’s time for body weight and band workouts.

I thought I’d put together some of the best at home workouts I could find from around the web, especially ones focused on more of a bodybuilding approach than Jane Fonda (although her workouts are epic).

1. Heidi Somers 5 week at home workout

You probably know Heidi Somers from her company, BuffBunny, but her workout programs are amazing. She currently has a free 5 week at home workout plan to get you moving. The equipment required is very little and you could easily DIY it! Here’s the link: click here.

2. Jim Stoppani’s workouts

Jim Stoppani has a ton of workouts, here are some of my favorites:

Full-body park workout: here.

Band workout (if you have bands): here.

If you want a membership to his site, it’s free for the first 30 days, which can help you get through at least a month.

3. Bret Contreras at home workout

Bret is also known as “the glute guy” and his workouts are incredible. Highly recommended. It’s old now, but check out this great bodyweight workout that doesn’t require equipment: here.

4. Brian Decosta

Brian not only has an insane work ethic in general, but as of posting this he’s posting daily bodyweight workouts on his Instagram: here.

If you’re looking for things to buy over the break to keep you going, there are a few favorites I have or have used.

1. The EmPack Backpack

While you could easily fill a jug of water and put it in a backpack, few things are built quite like the Empack. Not only is it high-quality, but it has handles all around it to make your workouts even better and use it as a great tool. It’s sometimes sold out on Amazon, but you can often find it still on their site.

2. Freetoo workout bands

I reviewed these on another site I write for, but they’re coming in handy so much during this time at home. Bands are great because you can carry them on the go and they don’t take up a lot of room. Check them out: here. I can’t fit dumbbells in my small apartment so, personally, bands are the way to go for me. I’d link some adjustable dumbbells, but as of posting this they’re sold out pretty much everywhere.

3. 5 gallon water jugs

Water jugs are a cheap and excellent way to get in a good workout a huge hit to your wallet. Here’s one on Amazon: here. It can help you get in your workouts that require heavier weights, especially if all the stores online are sold out of weight sets.

That’s pretty much it for some at home ideas to help you make it through. Stay inside, wash your hands, but get moving so you can stay calm through this. I’m also going to try and post some workout and nutrition ideas to my own Instagram, so come say hi!

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