Shortcut to Size: Week 3

Week 3 was definitely an interesting time!

This week began the drop sets on the last sets of each exercise. Well, RIP muscles is really all I have to say about that.

This was was my first slip week where I didn’t track my food as closely and I think I was under the calorie mark some days. Eating 1,800+ calories is no joke for sure. I literally had to buy bacon (turkey bacon!) to try and get as much protein and as many calories that I need.

But, I sat down and realized that by not keeping my food diary out in the open, I just simply haven’t formed the habit of doing it all the time yet. So, it is now safely out on my desk ready to fill in at any given moment!

Also, this week I took body measurements so by the end of this week, I can talk about any gains that happen.

I’m really pumped for week 4 because it’s serious heavy lifting (3-5 reps) which I just love… except for the next day when I’m too sore to even blink. Ha!

I had to actually add in forearm exercises throughout the week because my grip strength can’t keep up with how much weight I’m lifting. On many of my muscle groups I am up 20+ lbs in my sets… seriously, this program is that good.

I’m hoping to actually do a video update soon and bring some pictures into the mix to show you the results so far.

For all of my friends out there still doing Shortcut to Size, how is it going for you and what phase are you in?

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