Alphalete Sweater and Joggers Review

If you’ve ever dived into the world of YouTube and fitness content, you’ve most likely come across Christian Guzman and his brand, Alphalete. I’ve never been one to buy fancy gym gear because I always know I’m going to wear it down quick, but this past holiday season I received some Alphalete gear and thought I’d write up a review now that it’s been about 10 months of owning it. Keep in mind, I mostly buy men’s workout gear because I’m not a fan of tight leggings when I work out.

The items I’ve tested

The three items I received from Alphalete were: a black standard hoodie, olive joggers, and the limited edition dog collar. Of course, they have hundreds of items they’ve released throughout the years and while I’d love to say I’ve tested a ton of them, this is the current stack (for now!).

Now that it’s been about 10 months, they’re still holding up very well. Keep in mind, I treat my stuff well and rarely blaze through clothes, but they’re still in about the same shape that I originally received them in. The stitching is staying together, the sweater is still soft on the inside (which is a miracle in and of itself) and the pants along with the collar are all holding up nicely.

The overall make and use

Immediately when putting on Alphalete, I could feel the difference in the overall make of them compared to what I’ve worn before. You can tell these are designed by athletes as soon as you use them, especially with things like how the joggers don’t move when you’re doing squats. That’s always the thing I notice with fitness gear as soon as I use it – you can tell when it’s designed by someone who works out or not.

I’ve had a friend who have worn Alphalete who said hers didn’t hold up as long, but also I have no idea what her rate was for wearing it or taking care of them.

Taking care of the Alphalete gear

I’m a person who likes to make sure my gear lasts as long as possible, so I always follow clothing instructions. The clothes from Alphalete I have say on them to not dry them and instead hang to dry. I make sure to do this every time, just to get the most use out of them.

Will I buy more?

The price is pretty steep for Alphalete, but given how much it’s held up over these 10 months makes it worth it. In my mind, it’s better to have one pair of joggers that lasts years than buy tons of cheap ones that only last a few months to a year at best.

Overall, I’m really happy with these products since I prefer to own things that last a long time. The fit is comfortable and the joggers material feels unlike any other type of joggers I’ve worn before. Everything has thick material and I would guess should last a few more years if not even longer. The Alphalete dog collar will probably last even longer as it has barely shown any use and I use it every single day.

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